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Media Production

We like to put ourselves in the middle of the action! The best way to accurately build a Komodo Island exhibit is go there and get chased around by dragons. Members of our team have been to practically every major biome on Earth. We have taken study images and pulled molds in Asia, Africa, The Americas, Oceanica, and the Middle East.  Let our experience work for you. We create stunning video, still images and technical diagrams of the natural world for multimedia interpretive graphics, documentary films, and for television.

Environments In Profile 

Creative Services

Do you want to do something new? Let Ionature help you to exhibit animals and interpret the natural world in a way that has not been done anywhere before. Our devoted team of artisan scientists have a universal view of the planet.  We love to share this unique perpective with the public through the educational resources that we create. We can help with theme development, concept drawings, floor plans, exhibit layout, and teacher's guides that conform to Core Curriculum Standards.

New things exhibited in a new way!

Exhibit Design and Fabrication

We build the the most realistic trees, rocks, pilings, coral reefs, kelp forests, shipwrecks, streams, waterfalls, saltmarshes, and feeding/ watering stations.  Every member of our team has worked at a zoo, aquarium, or science museum at one time in their career.  We understand the unique challenges that are faced at these institutions.  We specialize in ballencing the needs of designers, architects, educators, animal keepers, curatorial staff, and the public

We always pitch to the floor to the drain!  

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Check Out the Process!

This time-lapse video illustrates how it is done. Watch as one of our artists contruct a rainforest tree before your very eyes at the Museum of Living Arts at the Ft Woth Zoo. The contruction of this tree took about two weeks to complete and you can see it in about a minute. A very happy Burmese Python now calls this habitat "home".


Ionature Productions Reel

Sit back, go full-screen, and enjoy some awesome video from the many exotic places that we have visited in our endless pursuit to get it right.  Some of it was created as research or components of museum exhibits while some others were were while we were working for media outlets Discovery Channel or for PBS.


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